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More information on An Infinite Night can be found at Künstlerhaus Buchsenhausen's website. An Infinite Night was shown at Videonale 12, which you can learn more about at Also on their website is a nice description of The Cut, which was shown in 2007 at Videonale 11. Click here to read it. Both videos can be viewed, along with many others from other artists in their archive.

A section of Notes for a Docudrama on the City was printed in the magazine Gringo, part of a series in which each issue takes the name of the typeface used for the magazine. More can be found on Yves Mettler's website The Selection. Two other sections of the same project were shown at Stefan Schuster's apartment and Sparwasser HQ.

Since 2006 I've been performing self-composed songs together with Alice Chauchat under the name The Musts. She has put some of our songs on her website

Rumbelsdildsgin, a project that I contributed to the Artsaha! festival, organized by Analog Arts Ensemble in 2004, can be listened to online or downloaded as a podcast.

I've also written a number of reviews of film and art, some of which are available online:
A review of the show Die Stadt von Morgen at the Akademie der Künste Berlin.
"Speaking with the Enemy: A review of 'Forget Baghdad: Jews and Arabs—The Iraqi Connection'
"Cameras for Guns: A review of 'Marooned in Iraq, Songs of My Motherland'"

At Stephan Dillemuth's website, you can find documentation of Escaping the Object of Art, as well as other contributions to his 2001 exhibition, Coal by Any Other Name, at American Fine Arts in New York.

Part of an essay by Sarah Hollenberg on the exhibition Three Models for Improvement (minor), which included the Model Euro Bridges, can be found at Instant Coffee.